Link: Making my job easier with better communication!

Hi everyone – I just wanted to bring to your attention the blog that Simon Morris wrote in response to a previous post detailing my upsets with external suppliers.

It’s called A tricky position – made easier by communication. Please give it a read!

  1. #1 by John Moore (@John_G_Moore) on 25th September, 2011 - 21:06

    “Bad news is better than no news” – I absolutely agree and do my best to abide by this rule. Sometimes you can find spin doctors in your organisation who are so good at ‘packaging’ the bad news they’d do well in top flight politics. Avoid this! Customers and Users will smell the BS a mile away.

    Its perhaps counter-intuitive but being known as a person who can and does deliver the bad news actually strengthens your relationship with your customer.

    Its all about relationships.

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